Library Policies

Return Policy

Books, Audiobooks and Playaways

Books and audiobooks, whether adult, teen, or children’s, may be checked for 21 days and may be renewed once.

Movies and Games

DVDs and Games may be checked out for 1 week (7 days) and may not be renewed.

Reference Materials

Because of the nature of our Reference Collection, they may only be used while in the library. You may not check these items out. They must remain in the library so that all patrons have access to them at any given time.


Paperbacks are on the honor code. When you check out a paperback, we ask that you bring it back at your convenience so other patrons may check the items out.

Late/Lost/Damaged Items

Overdue Items

We have no overdue fines at the Wellington Public Library! We really just want you to return the item, so that other patrons can check it out. If the book is really late, though, we will consider it lost at 28 days overdue (4 weeks past due date). Once the book is considered lost, your library account will be charged the replacement cost. If the book is found and returned, however, we will waive the replacement cost altogether!

Lost Items

If an item is lost, you will be responsible for paying the replacement cost of the item. Replacement costs vary according to the item; please call us at (620) 326-2011.

Damaged Items

If an item is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, you may be charged to replace it. Things to make it “damaged” include, but are not limited to: severely cracked CD or DVD; pages torn out; pages marked up; and/or moldy or stained pages beyond repair. We understand that accidents happen and will make an effort to repair any damage before assessing cost.

Library Cards

Welcome to the library! We are excited to sign up new patrons for our library services. Best of all, library cards are totally free, as are almost all the services that come with it. To sign up for a library card, just stop by one of our circulation desks. We will need a picture ID and, if your current address is not on the ID, proof of current address (mail addressed to you, lease agreement, etc). If you are under the age of 16, you may need a parent or adult sponsor to sign for you. You can sign-up online here.

Lost Library Card

There is no cost to replace a library card. We will just need your picture ID, and we can issue you a new card on the spot.

I forgot my library card

Sure! We can check out your items with your photo ID. If you forgot to bring in your photo ID too, we can hold on to your books at the desk so you can run in later and grab them with card or ID in hand. We will hold your items until the end of the day.

Library Wifi and Internet

View the library wifi and internet policy here.