Print from your Device

The following instructions should step you through how to print to our multi-function printer, located upstairs near the circulation desk.

Using Library WiFi

  1. Open your device’s “Setting” and select “WiFi”.
  2. Select “WPL-Copier”. The Password can be obtained from library staff at the circulation desk.
  3. Open the email our document you wish to print and select “Print”
  4. Select ‘Sharp MX-3070N’ as the printer and then tap print.

Android & Chrome Devices

If the file you want to print is a PCL, PCLXL, POSTSCRIPT, PDF, TIFF, or JPG file, you can email the file to and, after a minute or two, our copy machine located upstairs near the adult circulation desk will print out the file. If the file you want to print is not one of these types of files, you can open the file you want to print on your device and print the file to a PDF and then email that PDF. You can also email the file to your email address (or save it in a cloud service that you have an account with) and then log into one of our Patron computers and print it from there.

    Apple Devices – Airprint:

    1. Bring up whatever it is you want to print and go to the menu and tap print. It is important  to do this step first if what you are doing is on the internet as once you finish step 2, you  may not have internet access until you disconnect from the ‘WPL-Copier’ WiFi. 

    2. Go to your WiFi and look for a network called ‘WPL-Copier’ and connect to it. You are  connecting directly with our copy machine. The password is available at the adult circulation desk near the copier.

    3. Go back to what you wanted to print and tap ‘Select Printer’. 

    4. Select ‘Sharp BP-70C31’, adjust any settings needed, and then tap print. 

    If this does not work for you, you can also try the options located under the section above labeled “Android & Chrome Devices”.


      If you have a laptop (Mac or Windows) and wish to print to our copier, check the section above labeled “Android & Chrome Devices” to see if any of these options work for you.  If not or you would like to frequently print from your device to our copier, please ask a library assistant for help. We can install the printer drivers to your laptop. This will take  several minutes, but will only have to be done once.