Android & Chrome OS Devices:

The following instructions should step you through how to print to our multi-function printer, located upstairs near the circulation desk, from an Android device using Cloud Print.

  1. Make sure you have Cloud Print installed.  If you are reading this from the device, click on this link.  If the button says install, then please install it by tapping on the install button.  If the button says uninstall, then go to the next step.
  2. Open up your device’s ‘Settings’, then tap on ‘Printing’.
  3. Tap on ‘Cloud Print’.  If Cloud Print is not set to ‘On’, please slide the slider to ‘On’.
  4. Return to this page and click on this link to add our copy machine to your device to allow you to print to it.  You are limited to 30 pages per day.  If you are not in the library at the time you wish to print, please call and let us know to set aside your printouts for you.

Apple Devices:


  1. Bring up whatever it is you want to print and go to the menu and tap print.  It is important to do this step first if what you are doing is on the internet as once you finish step 2, you may not have internet access until you disconnect from the WiFi.
  2. Go to your WiFi and look for a network called ‘WPL-Copier’ and connect to it.  You are connecting directly with our copy machine.
  3. Go back to what you wanted to print and tap ‘Select Printer’.
  4. Select ‘Sharp MX-3070N’ and then tap print.


If you have a laptop (Mac or Windows) and wish to print to our copier, please ask a library assistant for help.  We will have to install the printer drivers to your laptop.  This will take several minutes, but will only have to be done once.