Don’t miss the display in the upstairs case with drawing designs by Debra Saville.  In her words:

     “I was introduced to drawing designs by my Grandma Lucile when I was young. She had a book of her own designs and I learned from her. Interest in art is a big part of my family. My favorite type of drawing is geometric designs and a type of art I discovered a few years ago called zentagle. Drawing for me is very relaxing and I can spend hours at a time on one design.

    “I normally draw out a design with a pencil and then go over it with gel pen. Sometimes a design seems to look good in black and white, while others need bursts of color.

     “I get my inspiration from different places I’d like to go, animals I like or sometimes I just lay my pencil and ruler down and start drawing.

     “I introduced my grandchildren to drawing when they were young as well. I hope to keep the love of art going through the generations.”