Our Frequently Asked Questions:

If I bring a book back late, how much will I be charged?
A: Nothing!  The only way you will be charged is if you don’t bring a book back for more than 90 days past its due date (you will be charged the cost of the book).  However, if you bring the book back and it’s in good condition, we will waive the cost of the book as well!  Really, we just want our books back so that others can enjoy them too.

Does the library have a fax machine the public can use?
A: Yes.  We charge $1 for up to 10 pages and $1 per page after 10.  We also receive faxes for individuals for the same price as above.  Please have the fax labeled attention to your name so that we know who the fax is for.

What is our fax number?
Our fax number is 620-326-8193.  Please see the notes above for our fax receiving policies.