Each month the library will have a different art project, featuring a famous artist for our children to explore their creativity.

You can pick up your packet with current month’s instructions and supplies at the library by coming to the circulation desk or requesting it for curbside pickup.

APRIL 2021

Andy Warhol became a successful commercial artist working for the magazine, Glamour, in the 1950s. Warhol then began to focus more attention to his paintings and in 1961 debuted the concept of “pop art”. His paintings are very colorful and are focused on commercial goods. Warhol is most famous for his Campbell’s soup cans painting. Warhol not only painted but he also used the screen printing process to produce art such as his famous Marilyn Monroe’s.

Vocabulary: Screen printing is a technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto another surface in which areas of the mesh are blocked, like a stencil. Only one color is used at a time.

Download your Andy Warhol art projects here: Sheet 1   Sheet 2


MARCH 2021

Pablo Picasso was a famous Spanish painter from the 20th Century. Picasso was a post-impressionism, surrealism and cubist artist. He, along with another artist, actually pioneered the artist style of cubism. In Picasso’s paintings you can see that the figures have been broken apart and repositioned in an abstract way. They are geometric and collage-like. Picasso made over 50,000 pieces of art in his lifetime.

Download your Pablo Picasso Art Instructions here!

FEBRUARY 2021Vincent Van Gogh is considered one of the greatest artists of the post-impressionist period. He is most notably known for his painting “Starry Night”. Before Van Gogh became an artist he was studying to become a minister. When he moved to Paris he began painting and was inspired by the light and color of the impressionist movement. Van Gogh struggled throughout most of his life, he was admitted into a mental hospital where he painted “Starry Night”.

Click here to download the instructions for this project: February Art Instructions


Georges Seurat, Dec 2 1859-Mar 29 1891

Georges Seurat was a painter who founded Neo-Impressionism. He created a painting technique known as pointillism, which was using tiny brushstrokes of contrasting colors. This painting technique may not look like much when viewed at close range, but from far away creates an image. When using small brushstrokes you can trick the brain by putting colors like yellow and blue next to each other and from far away it will look like green.

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Chalishia Alvarez, WPL Children’s Library (Credit: Amber Countryman)

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